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When I sit down to develop a logo for one of my customers, I depend on my many years of commercial art, fine art and design experience...rather than computerized 'clip art'.

In this business, it's become a standard practice for many to rely on the copy and paste feature when they are 'designing' logos. Many, with absolutely no formal art training or experience, learn to maneuver a computer program to come up with their creations, which end up having no originality.

I take out a good old fashioned sketch pad and markers, and begin drawing loose thumbnail sketches and roughly hand-letter the copy to be incorporated. When I am happy with a concept, I transfer my rough design to my computer screen, where it gets fine-tuned into a clear, concise finished logo or layout that can be transformed onto my customer's sign, vehicle or business card.


Testimonial:  We have worked with Therese dozens of times. She always has the right vision and design for what we are trying to do. She has done vehicle lettering, signage for projects, and company promotional signage for us. Always a great product at a fair price and delivered when promised. 
January 24, 2010   
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